Saturday, June 2, 2007

Don't Look Now, But That Cloud Over Cleveland Sports Teams Appears To Be Moving On!

Cleveland outfielder David Dellucci is mobbed in a victory celebration after driving in the winning run last night!

Was it the prettiest game ever played? Not by a longshot. Was it the most exciting game I ever saw? I would say it was right up there with the best of them. The Cleveland Indians pulled out the stops last night in drawing out every emotion possible in a freaky, intense, come-from-behind victory vs. division rival Detroit. The game was sold out and forty-one thousand plus fans were taken on a wild ride of disappointment, elation, frustration, and salvation on a night when hot dogs were one dollar each and everyone stayed until the end and was rewarded with an exhaustingly gratifying victory!

The Cavaliers are on the verge of going to the NBA finals when they defeat the Pistons tonight at the "Q" arena. The Browns had a very solid and promising draft, fulfilling their wishlist. Best of all, the Indians have assembled a team mixed with aggressive young players and crafty veterans that are winning and having a great time at it.

Yes, it appears that the cloud that has been hanging over Cleveland sports for 43 years is moving on and the sunshine of champions is shinning through!

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