Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tigers (and Twins) Gain As Indians (ZZZZZZZZ) Rest!

Your team is one game ahead of the Tigers in a battle for first place. Your team is playing the Phillies with a very potent offense but a weak bullpen. Your pitcher is making his second start of the season but is still unproven.
The Tigers are playing the Washington Nationals who they “ripped a new one” the night before.
So, your #2 spot hitter’s streak comes to an end at 26 games, what do you do?
(Keep in mind he is also your most reliable infielder)
Do you play him in a critical game as Detroit will no doubt win over the Nationals and tie you for first place if you lose to the powerful Phillies?
Or, do you rest him and put in weak hitting utility infielder Mike Rouse with a .122 batting average because he is a lefty and will face right-handed pitching?
Hindsight is 20-20 but some of this is just so predictable.
Hindsight – Rouse opens the scoring door with an error in the 1st inning and a poor play later on.
Predictable – With a .122 batting average, does it matter if he bats lefty, righty, or at all? (Yes, he did go 1 for 3, even a blind squirrel yadda, yadda, yadda…)
Predictable – Casey Blake hits righties and lefties.
Predictable – Everybody gets a day off on Thursday.
Hindsight – Jason Stanford has a poor performance in a second start.
Predictable – Aaron Fultz fails in relief.
A better question is, how bad does this organization want to win?
The outcome of a division title is determined by one team winning more games than the rest of the teams within that division.
The outcome of a game of baseball is determined by one team outscoring another.
You win games by paying attention to each and every detail, looking for any and all advantage. Those situations and opportunities arise and change with each and every pitch count, swing (or no swing) of the bat, play or misplay, etc.
The last thing Casey Blake needs is a day off. He thrives on everyday play. Instead, Wedge loads up the lineup with lefty hitters and sits one of his hottest bats.
Predictable - Blake is hitting .274 off lefties and .280 off righties.
News Flash – Blake hits righties better than he does lefties!!!!!
Hindsight – David Dellucci goes down with a leg injury running out a grounder and there are no more lefties on the bench anyway.
Wedgy, what happened to your motto from the beginning of the season, “Win, one game at a time.”
It appears to have changed to, “Survive, one season at a time!”
This team is capable of winning the division but they can’t do it unless their manager adapts a “never give an inch” attitude.
Spring training is over…play to win…NOW!

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