Saturday, June 23, 2007

Eric The Red (Faced)!

The Washington Nationals played well last night in a 4-1 win. Unfortunately, they played the Cleveland Indians who resembled a team needing a challenge as they have had has some part of first place in the American League Central since May 24th. Not no more! The "Tired Tribe" was listless and practically hitless (OK, they had 8 hits) as they allowed the Nationals to boot them out of 1st place with very little resistance.
The Tribe partook in a much needed day off on Thursday but manager Eric Wedge felt compelled to rest some of his key players prior to that respite. Apparently they enjoyed the down time as it continued through last night's game.
Eric Wedge was quoted as saying, "It came down to us not taking advantage of our opportunities." ...Ya think?!!!
Here is a suggestion:
In the future, instead of taking the day off before playing a last place team, how about stopping over in Lake County for a pick-up game with the Single A Captains to better judge the commitment needed to get by a "junior" team.
Looking on the bright side, this team has been trying very hard recently to lose their hold on 1st place. Perhaps now, like Avis, they will try harder to get it back!

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