Sunday, June 24, 2007

What, Me Worry?

As the Tigers continue their winning ways, the Indians will find themselves two games down in second place behind Detroit. But there is little, if any worry on the part of this organization. While we maintained some part of first place in the American League Central for 54 days this season, we were able to overcome most obstacles with timely, solid hitting. As the hitting slowed and then stopped, away went 1st place.
The lack of hitting appears to be viewed by the Tribe brass as a minor setback that will work itself out. Have we overcome so much this season that we take it all for granted and assume that something will change by itself?
Detroit is on the verge of pulling away from us. They swept the Nationals who just beat us two games out of three (and our only win was ugly). And if the Wild Card is our new focus, forget it! The Twins are starting to put it all together again.
This edition of the Cleveland Indians will never make anyone forget about some of the greatest teams in baseball, but they have enough talent and are well rounded enough to win the division. But it will not happen by accident. It is well past time to ignite a fire under these guys.
When Cliff Lee came back from the disabled list, he had a lacluster pitching performance his first time out. Manager Eric Wedge chastised Lee and the flavor of that one-sided conversation was well documented in the daily paper. Lee got back on track.
If the recent sub-par hitting is accepted or excuses are offered, it will no doubt continue. This team is developing a habit of only getting up to the level of the team they are playing instead of playing the brand of baseball they are capable of.

It's time to worry.

The Indians take on a pretty good Oakland A's team over the next four days. Hopefully, the memory of the last meeting between these two teams will stoke the fires of revenge in the heart of this team. Perhaps Eric Wedge will see to it.

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