Monday, June 18, 2007

Young Guns Are Banding Together To Form The A.L. Central Posse

They’re comin’ right down Main Street.
They’re armed and dangerous. Hide the women and children…better yet, buy them tickets ‘cause they should had ought to see what’s gonna happen.
They’re stingy, firing the fewest walks in the league.
They’re 3rd in wins, 4th in saves, and 3rd last in losses.
They’re 7th in ERA, but they have a potent offense behind them that outscores all comers.
They’re led by C.C. “The Kid” Sabathia with 9 wins and 2 losses.
They’re kept honest by Fausto “The Rattlesnake” Carmona with 8 wins and 2 losses.
They’re kept outta trouble by Paul “Cherokee” Byrd who is the veteran member of the gang with only 4 base on balls all season and a winning ‘tude.
They’re backs are covered by Cliff “Lefty” Lee, wounded in action but back in the heat of things.
They’re righted by Rafael “Dead-Eye” Betancourt with a 1.17 ERA.
They’re rescued by Injun-Joe Borowski with 20 saves, second in the league.
They’re the Young Guns of the Cleveland Indians and they’re comin’ to town.

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