Monday, October 26, 2009

Hurry To Sell, Rush To Buy!

Manny Acta is the new manager of the Cleveland Indians. He got his first Cleveland perception right; there will be no parade or fanfare over his hiring in Cleveland. What this amounts to is another low salary manager who is deemed very valuable by this organization because he is bi-lingual but has a losing record as a major league manager. What it really amounts to is that they replaced one yes man with another. Could you imagine some of the conversations between Bobby Valentine and Mark Shapiro? "Well Mark, we thought we might try to beat these guys today with our guys. Just who are our guys today?"
"Mark, put down the cell phone and back away!

So now that we have settled into another 3 years or so of the same Indians' baseball, what else could go right, wrong, or anything but the same catatonic boredom we have become so oblivious to?
Well, if the Dolans would do the right thing, they would have the team up for sale. One possible buyer could be Rush Limbaugh! After all, the NFL snubbed him on his attempt to buy the Rams. Think of the possibilities...The team is already considered politically incorrect with their Chief Wahoo mascot. But Rush could turn a "Deaf Ear" to this. The team already plays ultra conservative baseball and that should suit Rush just right. Rush could be right at home handling the steroid issue. He could compare 'roids to his own dependency of prescription drugs.
Yes, a new low has been hit when considering the possibilities of who could wind up buying the Indians...and finding the possibility an improvement!

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Deaner said...

Mark Cuban has been looking to buy a MLB team... Who do you think he'd hire as manager? ... Jimmy "The Hitman" Hart?