Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who Dat Man?!

As the Cleveland Indians trick or treat through their search for a new manager, I cannot help but unmask who I believe to be the right man for the job, Bobby Valentine. While managing the Mets, Valentine was ejected from a game and later appeared back in the dugout with sunglasses and a fake mustache. He was fined and suspended for this action.
I loved it then and I love it now!
Here is the important part; Bobby has big league management experience, a winning record, and a pennant. How many of the other candidates have that? I guess we don't really know until the also rans are announced when the new manager is named. But speculation leads us to understand that they may be talking to John Farrell (no big league management experience), Travis Fryman (NBLME), and Brad Mills (NBLME).
Of course, names like Buddy Bell surface and even though he has big league managerial experience, he lacks a winning record...too often. Mike Hargrove keeps surfacing as well. Commitment would be the big question. Remember he quit on Seattle.
So Bobby Valentine is probably the leading candidate. Come on Bobby, there is no hiding the fact that you want to manage in the bigs again so dust off the sunglasses and mustache and bring your passion for the game and sense of humor to the shores of Lake Erie!

Good Fit? Yeah!

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