Sunday, October 18, 2009

MY2K Could Cheat Us!

By now, you have heard of the movie, seen the previews, read something in the paper about the Internet hysteria developing, or you have just been working so hard that you are unaware of the craze sweeping the world. Yeah, it's all about the movie "2012" depicting the events of the end of the world. Silly you say? Yeah, probably, but the momentum the movie is giving the quickly developing panic is of some serious concern, now known as MY2K. Want to write it off? Google 2012 and see what you get.
It seems the basis of the movie and the concern is the fact that the ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012, December 21, 2012 to be exact. A prediction of a Planet X or possibly two planets on a collision course with Earth is raising the speculation that the Mayans may have had more insight to this instead of just getting lazy and ending their calendar when they did.

But hold on a sec...What if they did know something? After all, about the time the Mayans were building their great temples, Egyptians on the other side of the world were building pyramids of similar size and shape. OK, so what the heck does this have to do with a Cleveland Indians blog?

Well, when you visit some of the 2012 web sites, there is so much speculation, some out of prophecy, some out of fear, some even humorous. I tend to take a humorous approach to these things. Why? Well I live in Cleveland where we haven't had a major sports championship since 1964 and every day appears to be cataclysmic in not only sports but the weather, the economy, etc. So it seems that these Mayans were Indians, right? It would be fitting that the Cleveland Indians should win the world series two months before the end of the world. If these guys can predict the end of the world they certainly ought to be able to make book on something as simple as who wins the 2012 world series, don't ya think?
But wait, what if they got part of this wrong? What if they got the end date wrong? What if the end date is really October 21, 2012? Now that would make a lot of sense in Cleveland. Picture this; The Tribe handily wins the division, breezes through the ALDC and the ALCS to reach the 2012 World Series in mid-October. They begin play in the series where the lights are not needed to be turned on because of the brilliance of the two approaching planets on a collision course with Earth. Then, just as the Indians are about to go 3 games to none on their series opponent, WHAM-BAM, catastrophe hits!

Well, don't get overly concerned. This team is far from being competitive until at least the 2013 season. Hell, they don't even have a manager yet!
Enjoy the movie but don't lose any sleep over it, unless you are an Indians' fan where sleep is constantly interrupted by other catastrophes caused by a lack of solid ownership and management.

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