Friday, October 23, 2009

Valentines Day?

OK, so we have a bona fide manager interviewing for the job of Manager of the Cleveland Indians! Getting this proven winner in the wigwam is the first step to rebuilding and putting a light at the end of the tunnel for becoming a winning franchise once again!

We need Bobby Valentine...Now!

There is a lot of speculation and otherwise horse shit in the local daily paper about the good, the bad, and the ugly of hiring Bobby as manager.

One guy claims that Bobby Valentine is a bit of a loose cannon and will buck upper management. Yeah, Cleveland doesn't do too well with loose cannons as some of those all star players are showing up on every body's post season playoff rosters! A loose cannon is just what this team needs! We have had it with the yes men who go along with the fire sales and the injury cover-ups, and all of the weaknesses associated with losers!

This guy Valentine is a winner!...And he hates to lose!!!

He is hailed as a great baseball mind but some of our sports writers would prefer to mire in the fact that Valentine has been out of American baseball for 6 seasons, that he doesn't have a good knowledge of the American League and the Central Division, and that he is unfamiliar with the new OPS (on base percentage plus slugging percentage). OK, so what challenges can you think up for day two?! Give me a break!

You can be sure that this team will leave Spring Training ready to play and compete everyday instead of whining about the desert air affecting our hitters and pitchers.

Are there risks for Bobby Valentine? Sure there are! But in analyzing this young team, he would have to be very excited about the talented outfield and infield already in place. Pitching is the big question mark with this team. Valentine has got to be thinking that this is an opportunity to grow a young team quickly into a contender...It just takes the right leader!

This guy is personable, knowledgeable, likable, talented, driven, and a winner!

This town will open their hearts (and wallets) to him and his team. Little Italy will probably name a street after him and make him the Grand Marshall of the Columbus Day Parade!

Let's not let this guy get away. The Indians need Bobby Valentine and right now, Bobby Valentine needs the Cleveland Indians!

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