Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dolan, Shapiro...Have You Completely Given Up?

Here is an excerpt from a story about Manny Acta on the Cleveland Indians official website;

[Manny Acta is a realist.
He knows the average baseball fan, given a preference, would like to see a big name manage his team.
"Everybody in this town and probably every town in America would want a top-[name] guy, a Joe Torre, a Tony LaRussa, one of those guys to walk in and manage their club," Acta said.
Acta, who was in town Tuesday to interview for the Indians' managerial job, also realizes names like his won't result in a ticker-tape parade with people lining the streets downtown.
"The reality is those guys don't go for those jobs," Acta said of baseball's big name managers. "Those type of jobs go to guys like me."
Acta managed the Washington Nationals for two-plus seasons and compiled a 158-252 record before being replaced in July.]

So Manny, what are you saying...this is a second rate job?

Perhaps that is the way the job is being portrayed to him.

Until the ownership and upper management of the Cleveland Indians grasp the reality that they must compete at a higher level than they have been or even want to, they will continue to challenge for last place in the American League Central Division.

In August, Indians' President Paul Dolan stated that this team in this small market can only be expected to be competitive one to two years in a five to six year span.

Now we have to swallow the fact that managing a major league baseball team in Cleveland is a second rate job. Sure it is, if all you are willing to pay for is a second rate manager!

Manny Acta, take your .385 major league managing "losing" record and go manage Houston!


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