Monday, October 5, 2009

Sincerely, Indians!

Today, the Cleveland Indians sent a thank you e-mail to their loyal fans with the mention of excitement for the 2010 season. OK, that's nice but no one signed the e-mail! It was signed Sincerely with an Indians banner as the signature!
See Below...

October 5, 2009
Dear Indians Fan,

THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your support throughout the 2009 MLB season. We enjoyed entertaining the nearly 2 million fans who made the choice to visit Progressive Field - as well as those Tribe fans around the world who caught Indians baseball on STO, the Indians Radio Network and online at
It is now time to move forward. There will be keen interest this off season, highlighted by the search for a new manager and coaching staff. As an organization, we are excited about the story that will be unfolding in 2010. It is a story featuring a new voice in the dugout and a young, talented team on the field poised to compete in the AL Central Division.Our top priority remains the same – to make you proud of who we are as an organization, how we represent your city and how we provide superior entertainment and customer service.Thank you again for your continued support of Indians Baseball.


No one from the front office or ownership could sign the e-mail?
I know when I opened the e-mail I immediately forgot about the poor handling of the team over the last two years and also forgave them on the spot...NOT!
Forgive who?
Who wrote the e-mail?
This is like getting an e-mail from Barack Obama apologizing for the misappropriations of the Bail-Out money and then signing the e-mail "America"!

"Sincerely, Indians!"

Who Indians?...The Sioux, Crow, Seminoles?

This is unbelievable.

I will always be a fan of the Cleveland Indians but this ownership and upper management can't even have the nuts to sign an e-mail and take responsibility for the train wreck they created.

Mr. Dolan...Fire Mark Shapiro and sell this team!

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