Friday, August 7, 2009

Who's Flying The Plane?

Cleveland Indians' President Paul Dolan reports to the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Cleveland Indians ball club will lose $16 million this season. This number is despite the revenue sharing from Major League Baseball. What Paul was really doing was justifying the annual dumping of high priced and talented ball players. In addition to Cy Young winner Cliff Lee, All-Star Victor Martinez, Ryan Garko, Raphael Betancourt, Mark DeRosa, and Ben Francisco, we can now add Carl Pavano.
Dolan claims that the team must look longer term, like 2010, 11, 12, 13...etc. Unfortunately he did not say what we would be looking at, probably more of the same. Dolan claims that attendance will miss the projected 2.2 million mark by about a half million fans. He expects attendance to drop even more next season. (Let me know when we may hear something that resembles strong management or something to look forward to!)
Oh, this may be it..."Our losses aren't expected to be as great next year," Dolan said. Guess what Prez, neither is the team!
"The fans aren't happy with us now," Dolan said. Why should that be a factor now, Paul? It never was before.
"Eric Wedge and others deserve a lot of credit," said Dolan. For what?!!!
Then he goes on to say, "Despite that, we have not been successful the last few years with a team that should have been successful." Oh, I see, that's what Eric Wedge and others deserve credit for!
Dolan said the Indians' losses will be made up from loans and cash from the Dolan family. Too bad he found out the truth about the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny.
The Dolan family is not considering selling the team.
OK, so let's summarize;
  • Losses of $16 million
  • Fans are angry with ownership
  • Attendance will be down this year and down more next year
  • The team has not been successful over the last few years with a team that should have been
  • Eric Wedge and others deserve a lot of credit
  • Loans and personal finances will make up the losses
  • The team is not for sale

Personally, I don't think the fans are angry enough. This kind of double-talk makes Casey Stengel a toastmaster award winning speaker!

Yogi Berra might say, "It over before it's over."

Satchel Paige might say, "Look back!"


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