Wednesday, August 12, 2009



In case you hadn’t noticed, and based on attendance you probably hadn’t, the Indians have won 7 of their last 10 games and trail the division leading Tigers by only 10 games. Yes, the hapless Tribe is still 14 games under .500 but the Tigers are only 6 games over .500…stranger things have happened!
With 50 games to go, what would it take to capture the division? Forget about the wild-card as that is out of the question…gotta go for the division!
So, what would it take?
· A combination of the weakest division in baseball continuing that trend with a hot streak by the Indians
· To catch the Tigers at their current wins to losses, the Tribe would have to win 37 of their remaining 50 games. That is a .740 winning percentage. Hey, they just won 7 of 10, can they make it 9 of 12? That is one more game than 2 of every 3 in a 12 game set.
Here is the thing, Detroit is ripe for getting knocked off…somebody is gonna do it…why not the Tribe?
This plays very well into the ownership’s collective thinking; in a 5 year span this team can get lucky and contend 2 seasons. Let’s say the 5 year span starts this year. It’s time to get lucky! Besides, this team has put together very dramatic 2nd halves of the season in 3 of the last 4 years.
Plain Dealer sports columnist Bill Livingston wants the Tribe to collapse in the second half of this year to force ownership and management of the team to not stay pat with the current talent. Great call-out Bill but they are going to stay pat anyway!
So let’s have some fun now!
“There’s 3 or 4 potential all-stars and the regulars are starting to play well. I think we are contenders right now!” Lou Brown, fictional manager of the Cleveland Indians in the movie, “Major League”.

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