Sunday, August 9, 2009


Did you read what Cleveland Indians' president Paul Dolan said?????
"If every four or five years we can have a shot at the World Series like we did in 2007. And compete for a playoff spot like we did in 2005, that's as good as it gets in this market.”
No wonder we are not competitive this year or last, it's not our year. According to Paul, we have shot our competitive wad until 2011. What kind of businessman makes a statement like that?! The big boys in the big markets play too tough so we will settle? Tell that to Detroit...or Tampa Bay...or Texas...or Minnesota...or Florida...or Colorado. You can't tell those teams that because each one of those small to medium (at best) market teams is either leading their division or is a bona fide contender for the playoffs...and they do it every year. The Dolans believe that they cannot compete because of the market size in Cleveland so they don't compete. Mr. Dolan, please don't even begin to tell us that 2005 and 2007 were engineered because they were not. The then Cleveland Indians put those seasons together despite ownership of the team. Admit it, 2005 caught you by surprise just like it did everyone else. That team played "also-ran" ball through most of the season just to put together a strong August and September and come up one half game short of the playoffs with a major choke. Same goes for 2007. They battled Detroit all season long in the weakest division in baseball, got hot in September, won the division, beat NY in the playoffs, and pulled off one of the biggest chokes in team history in giving the World Series berth to the Red Sox. Why the chokes? Not enough horses to finish the job! Truly what you are saying is, we will maintain status quo, spend little or no money on high profile ball players, and we should get lucky once or twice in a span of 5 years. Defeated! Loser! Unmotivated! Complacent! Content! Apathetic! Lethargic! Inadequate! Incompetent!
Cleveland Plain Dealer sportswriter Terry Pluto had the following to say this morning, "Fans often say the Dolans should sell the team. Fine, who is your buyer?" Where would the Cleveland Cavaliers be if they adopted that same defeated attitude that now Pluto apparently has been sucked into???? Guys like Dan Gilbert don't fall out of trees but they do exist and they know how to run an organization with a positive attitude, putting their money where that thought process is.
The Dolans are out of their league...please get out of the league!
SELL THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan and president Paul Dolan share a game recently with fans.

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