Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They Still Have Heart!

After everything that has happened this year, despite the trades, the owner with deep pockets and short arms, the stubborn manager, the executives scrambling to save their jobs, the bewildered coaching staff, despite all of that...this team still has heart!

Grady Sizemore has said it many times in the past few weeks, "We got nothing to lose, we are playing all out!"
How else do you explain these guys hanging tough? Sizemore, Choo, Carroll producing every day and night...Peralta getting tough at 3rd and overcoming his streaky hitting...Fausto being who he can be...the rise of a star in Valbueno...Astrubal threatening to crack the top 10 in league batting average while playing a slick SS...some gutsy pitching...even Marte is starting to produce!

There is still time for one last winning streak!
Eyebrows would be raised once again!
This pesky bunch of misfits could make things very interesting with a little over a month to go!
They could steal the show!

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