Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's Wrong With Cleveland?

Over the last few weeks, business has required me to be spending most of my time in the great city of New York. It was only 10 months ago that I first visited the city for the very first time. Honestly, you can have it and the people, too!

  • The major pass-time of New Yorkers is jay-walking. In fact, if you don't walk against signals, you get left behind.

  • The service industry in New York is an oxy-moron. There simply is no service, from basic needs all the way up to what should be a luxury experience. I have never spent so much money to be treated so rudely. And it certainly brings out the not so nice side of me as well. I have verbally ripped hotel receptionists, deli counter workers, cashiers, and airline gate attendants regularly since December. They are extremely cocky and rude, argue about everything, and refuse to do the most basic parts of their jobs like provide a receipt.

  • LaGuardia Airport should sink into the East River and take all of the American Airlines employees along for a good dunking. These people should be subjected to themselves by being on the other side of the gate counter. Basic politeness doesn't exist ever, but when things get tough, their total lack of compassion and their selfishness are well displayed.

OK, so all that said, they do get things done here!

  • Fabulous theater
  • Great museums
  • Fine dining
  • Winning sports teams

It's that last one that gets me...winning sports teams. Year after year the Yankees are in the playoffs. From baseball to football to basketball to hell, you name it...these crabby-ass bastards win!

In New York, sports teams are expected to win every year. In Cleveland, the owner of the Cleveland Indians claims that he can only be successful one or two times in a five to six year period...Wussy!

There it is, right there...Cleveland is a town of Wussies! We let that wussy Dolan make bigger wussies out of us because he can be a wussy and get away with it!

Not me, when in New York, I get my receipts and my money's worth of chewing somebody's ass when they piss me off! And that's OK because the clerk or cashier or whoever just gives me what I want (what he or she should have done in the first place) and then moves on to someone else to bully.

That's what I like about these current Cleveland Indians. Throw at them and they are gonna knock down 3 of your guys! If this team gets pissed enough, they win 15 games in a row and make the next 30 to 35 days very interesting and exciting!

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