Friday, July 31, 2009

So, You're Surprised Because...?!

Come on, you knew it was going to happen...but it doesn't take away the hurt though, does it?
Mark DeRosa, Gone!
Rafael Betancourt, Gone!
Cliff Lee, Gone!
Ryan Garko, Gone!
Ben Francisco, Gone!
Victor Martinez, Gone!

As sportswriter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer Bill Livingston said, "Why shouldn't the fans think that this ball club is anything but a farm club for teams in contention?"

Well, maybe it shouldn't stop there. Since things are so bad, perhaps we could look at other ways to save, or gain revenue.

Yeah, perhaps we can trade long time bleacher drummer John Adams to Milwaukee for a polka band! (Barf!)

Or, what do you think we could get for our self-proclaimed "Beer-Man", maybe a Sausage Racer from Pittsburgh?

Since nobody is listening anymore, we could trade radio voice Tom Hamilton!

How about we see what we can get for TV commentator Rick Manning? Do you think he would mind if we traded him...again?!
Then there is the guy who wears the fluorescent hats at all of the home games. He sits with his wife in the front row behind the visitors dugout and changes hats about every inning.
Dude, wake up that guy behind you!

Here he is seen picking out a new hat!

What a guy, he lets his wife pick them out too!

If anyone remembers the decline of the Cleveland Indians of the early 60's, it can be traced back to then GM Frank "Trader" Lane. He single-handedly ruined the team. Once he even traded one complete team for another complete team! Current GM Mark Shapiro's trades pale in comparison to "Trader" Lane...but not for long!

What could we get for Shapiro? Better yet, give him away now before it is too late! Actually, tarring and feathering seems a bit too lenient.

Larry Dolan, owner of the team is a very nice man, a life-long fan, but a poor owner who will never put together a winner. He does not have the financial power to do so.

Please Mr. Dolan, sell this team!

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