Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let The Buyer Beware!

Is this what it has come down to on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario?

This team is now 21 games under .500 and showing no signs of life after the All-Star break. "Let the buyer beware" apparently has become the new motto of the Cleveland Indians' current ownership as they do nothing but sit on their deed to the team.

Well, don't blame the fans. We are going to continue to be an avid and loyal fan base to the team, the Cleveland Indians, but not necessarily to current ownership. For too long bad baseball was better than no baseball here where unemployment, cost of living, and home ownership continue to trend higher than the rest of the country. But yet, the fans continue to pay attention to this team...and I do mean "Pay!"

For team ownership with the second worst record in baseball to do absolutely nothing for two seasons is unforgivable. Worst of all, the Dolans aren't even trying to spin things favorably...they just do nothing! However, with the trading deadline approaching fast (July 31st), you can be sure some additional payroll unloading will take place in the next two weeks. See ya, Carl Pavano! You too, Victor! Cliff, it's been nice! Ryan Garko is probably going to go to a team where he can play every day and drive in the runs he is capable of with his .270+ batting average. Mark Shapiro just spent the last week in Columbus, Ohio assessing the talent on our AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers. Matt LaPorta is being switched to 1st base again. Goodbye Garko! Andy Marte is hitting homers again. He is sure to get the call up again to the big league. The trouble is, he is comfortable at the AAA level. Bring him up again and he will look complacent once again. The good news is that we will get to see Michael Brantley soon. He will more than likely trade places with an underperforming Ben Francisco.

For a team to be one game away from the World Series just one and one half seasons ago, things just ain't right and show no signs of getting any better.
Please Mr. Dolan, sell the team!

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