Friday, July 10, 2009

Can You Stand By And Watch?

Can you stand by and watch the demise of the 2009 Cleveland Indians? Speaking for myself, I want to throw 25 life preservers. I have never been one to stand by in a crisis. I want to take action...lead the rescue of the cat in the tree, help the confused lady cross the street (probably my mother-in-law...Hmmm), volunteer to build a home for Habitat for Humanity (someday), and good stuff like that. But what can a guy like me do to help my beloved Cleveland Indians? It seems like anything helpful would just be as much a waste of time as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
There is much that stinks on the corner of 9th and Carnegie. Unfortunately to rid the team of the stench that is them right now would take a sizable amount of money and that just isn't gonna happen with the current ownership. Until last week, I took my car to a "conveniently located" dealer near my home. They have terribly inconvenient hours, rude service people, salesmen that think they are owed a living, and just downright piss-poor customer service to go along with their inability to fix cars right and satisfy customers. Unfortunately, their convenient location has made me put up with too much too long. No, the Dolan family does not own the car dealership too. My point is, even the most die hard fans will become disenchanted. Not me of course as I will always have my first baseball loyalty to the Cleveland Indians. Aurora Chrysler Plymouth can burn down for all I care because I will never go back there!

Cleveland Plain Dealer sports columnist Bill Livingston wrote earlier this week that he hopes the Tribe will stop winning in the second half of the season. As shocking as that sounds, there is a method to this madness. Bill feels that if the Tribe puts together a second half this year like they did last year, the team will again stay pat, not spend any money, and say that they just need a spare part or two just to put the team back to playoff bound in 2010.
I must agree to disagree; Never stop trying to win, you owe that to the fans and yourselves. Do come to the realization right now that the team needs a major overhaul to be competitive once again. And for #@#!! sakes Mr. Dolan, sell the @#@!! #@#@#@!!! team! If you love the Indians and the town, sell!
No matter what happens, Shapiro and his lunatic coaching staff must all go! They have been given a reprieve until the end of the season. Talk about stink, PU! These guys are a total embarrassment to the community and the game of baseball. As long as you recruit bargain basement coaching and management, your team will dwell in the basement...what a bargain!
Could you imagine turning in numbers and results where you work that these guys do and keeping your job? These guys are so lame duck right now you have to watch where you step around the dugout...maybe that's what stinks so bad! Here's an idea to fill the seats each night at Progressive Field...or at least 1 seat. Fire Wedge and hold a lottery for "Manager of the Night." What harm could it do and it would make each game very interesting. Joe Fan gets an opportunity to manage the Cleveland Indians for a night! Of course, there would be rules and regulations;
"NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To enter, complete the entry form from our Manage the Indians Contest. To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by the closing date of the draw. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. All entries shall become the property of the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians will not be responsible for lost, misdirected or delayed entries. Entries received by telephone, fax, courier or personal delivery will not be accepted. The contest is open to anyone upright and taking oxygen. Knowledge of the game of baseball is preferred but not required. Winners must be prepared to travel with the team in the event that their managing day/night is outside of the Cleveland area. Winners must pay their own expenses to and from the game, including air fare, meals, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. Current management or anyone closely resembling any Cleveland Indians organization employees are not eligible.

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