Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Will Happen?

There are 4 teams in MLB fighting for 2 playoff spots today.
In the American League, the Central division is up for grabs. Minnesota, who has failed to help themselves this weekend, leads Chicago by one half game. The Twins play the K.C. Royals. The White Sox host the Indians. If the Twins win and the White Sox lose, the Twins win the division. If both the Twins and Sox lose or if they both win, then it will force the White Sox to make up a game with the Tigers on Monday. If that happens and the Sox win, it will force a Tuesday playoff game between the Twins and Sox. If the White Sox win and the Twinslose, then that too will force the playoff game with Detroit. If the Sox beat Detroit in that scenario, they win the division. If the Sox lose, on to the Tuesday playoff with the Twins...Phew!
In the National League, the Wild Card is up for grabs between the Milwaukee Brewers and the New York Mets. Both teams have identical records. It is raining in New York where the Mets are to host the Marlins. The Brewers host the Cubs. If both the Brewers and the Mets win or if they both lose, it will force a playoff game on Monday. If one wins and the other loses, the loser is out. If the Mets game is rained out, the season will be extended another day to Monday. Bets are that they play the game after a delay today.
So, what will happen?
Better yet, what do you want to happen?
I know what I want to happen;
I want Cleveland to stick it to the White Sox one more time and knock the Sox out of the playoffs. That scenario cleans up quite a bit, no make-up game or playoff for the playoff. It also means that Cleveland ends their season with a record of 82 – 80 and a huge amount of respectability coming from 16 games under in mid-July.
I want CC Sabathia to win on short rest today.
I want the Mets to win.
Then, I want the Brewers and the Mets to “play to the death” tomorrow night to decide the N.L. Wild Card.
I want the Brewers to win that game and see how far the Brewers can go on the arm of CC Sabathia.
So, today I am pulling for the Brewers, Mets, and Indians (of course).
Oh, one more thing…
If the Indians can beat the White Sox today, don’t expect anyone to gloat or make a choke sign, or any other immature act. Taking 3 out of 3 from the White Sox when they needed to win most is reward enough and the Indians and Eric Wedge are too classy to do anything else except be proud of the fact that they never quit and made their mark to say, “Watch out for the Indians in 2009!”

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