Monday, September 22, 2008

Let Bob Watson Know What You Think

Earlier today, Bob Watson , director of on-field operations for Major League Baseball, handed down the following suspensions for the “brawl” that took place Friday night between the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field;

  • Cleveland Indians’ Pitcher Fausto Carmona received a 6-game suspension.
  • Cleveland Indians’ Catcher Victor Martinez received a 3-game suspension.
  • Cleveland Indians’ Infielder Astrubal Cabrera received a 3-game suspension.
  • Detroit Tigers' designated hitter Gary Sheffield received a 4-game suspension.

Game Facts:

  • Fact: Pitcher Fausto Carmona hit Gary Sheffield with a pitch on the left shoulder/arm as Sheffield turned inside to avoid the pitch.
  • Fact: Sheffield and Carmona stared each other down as Sheffield carried his bat and slowly made his way to first base.
  • Fact: Carmona attempted a pick off of Sheffield at first base. Sheffield motioned to the plate and had words for Carmona.
  • Fact: When Carmona had words for Sheffield, Sheffield left first base and charged at Carmona.
  • Fact: Both benches and bullpens cleared and came onto the field as Carmona locked Sheffield in a headlock and struck him repeatedly on the head.
  • Fact: Astrubal Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Placido Polanco, and others had involvement to varying degrees.
  • Fact: Carmona, Sheffield, Martinez, and Polanco were thrown out of the game.

Contact Bob Watson at to let him know if you are in agreement or disagreement with his ruling.

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