Saturday, September 20, 2008

Odds Tonight...

The odds tonight are even for the game, as well as any fight!
What should we expect tonight?
Ask Gary! He's batting 5th tonight!
Ask Shin Soo Choo, he's batting 3rd tonight!
As Jamey Carroll, he's batting 2nd tonight!
These were the "game-makers" last night.
Gary Sheffield has vowed revenge on "all those guys that were involved."
Gary reviewed the tape of the brawl last night to make sure he could complete his hit list.
He has vowed to get "that skinny left-hander." Note to Gary, his name is Rafael Perez and he was the game winner last night.
He has vowed to get Astrubal Cabrera. Geez Gary, I gotta go along with you on that one. Astrubal was all over you as he was pounding you over the top of Fausto. How did Astrubal avoid getting tossed last night? He must be stealthy.
Unfortunately, Victor Martinez is not scheduled to start the game tonight but he will be available to come in if needed for pinch hitting, catching, or just general ass-kicking if need be.
So, Gary, it's up to you tonight.
You are a talented but troubled ballplayer.
Which one of you will come to play tonight?
You could stay focused and play the game...
If you care to, feel free to ignite the Tribe again tonight!
I love baseball but I gotta admit...
I love basebrawls, too!

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