Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do Ya Wanna Win Or What?

The Indians lost a game this afternoon to the White Sox 4-2 that they should have and needed to win.

I love Asdrubal Cabrera. I think he is our shortstop of the very near future, but could somebody please teach the guy how to lead off from 1st base?! Every team we play goes after this guy hard every time he is on base. Today, they got him again. The difference in picking off Cabrera and fooling him with the hidden ball trick is, you don't have to go to the effort of the hidden ball trick!

What was Eric Wedge doing today with that bull crap lineup? Just when he starts to make some sense and win some ballgames, he's got to pull everybody back in and show 'em who calls the shots by resting some of his best players...with an off day tomorrow! David Dellucci is a nice guy and plays hard but he takes up valuable space in the batting order as well the outfield. And why rest two regulars and replace them with Dellucci and Sal Fasano?

Don't eat him, Choo!

How about the pinch hitting? zippo! Nada! Negatory! Gutierrez is 0 for the season in pinch hit opportunities.

Wedge, you don't have to blow games just to keep the fans and media at arms length, we will never like you that much. Why don't you take a day off?!!!!

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Anonymous said...

actually, i wouldn't mind seeing eric "the genius" wedge take the rest of the season off. and while he's at it, how about him just taking the rest of his career off, at least as far as being manager of the indians is concerned. what i wouldn't give for tony pena to be the tribe's manager. he would certainly light a fire under these guy's butts on a daily basis and the fundamentals of the game would be stressed big time under pena. wedge, not so much. i think we've seen all we need or care to see of wedge and his lack of managerial know-how and strategy, both when it comes to making out the lineup card as well as in-game decisions.