Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look What We Have…

Jamey hangs in there to complete the double play!
Jamey breaks up the oppositions double play attempt!
Jamey starts a rally on the road!
Jamey is a "Duck on the Pond" for one of Peralta's big swats!

As the Cleveland Indians look to tinker and rebuild to compete in 2009, they must be careful not to overlook one very valuable player.
Has utility infielder Jamey Carroll earned a shot as a regular infielder?
Here is what he has accomplished with the Indians since coming over from the 2007 pennant-winning Rockies in the off-season:
(Keep in mind that Carroll has played in only 105 of the 152 games.)

  • Runs – He ranks 5th on the Indians at 56
  • Hits – Ranks 7th with 86
  • 2B – Ranks 11th with 11
  • 3B – Ranks 2nd with 4
  • RBIs – Ranks 11th with 30
  • Total Bases – Ranks 10th with 108
  • SO – Carroll has only struck out 56 times in 316 at bats, .177 (lowest of all starting players on the team, excluding Victor Martinez)
  • BB – Ranks 7th with 33
  • Stolen Bases – Ranks 2nd with 7
  • OBP – Ranks 4th at .354
  • SLG – Ranks 14th at .342
  • AVG – Ranks 4th at .272
Jamey Carroll currently has a .990 fielding percentage. He has played around the infield and has been in the start or the middle of many rallies this season. Until this season, Jamey was better know for his defense, but he certainly has stepped up his offense this year. It is great to hear STO Sportscaster Rick Manning rave about Jamey Carroll, calling out each time that he comes to bat that Jamie gives you great at bats and is a very tough competitor. That is a great compliment coming from a guy who was a standout in MLB for many years.
Can Carroll be our lead-off guy?
If Grady Sizemore batted 2nd, would he get better pitches with a runner on base?
The consensus is that Grady Sizemore is a perfect #3 hitter in the lineup. Perhaps, but I still favor him second, batting left behind the runner.
Where do you play Carroll, 2nd base, short stop, or 3rd base?
He appears to be very comfortable at 2nd, but almost equally comfortable at 3rd.
He can move into 2nd, moving Cabrera to short, and Peralta to 3rd, or just leave the infield alone and insert Carroll at 3rd.
Jamey Carroll has earned at least a chance to play everyday for the Tribe by his gutsy, never quit, always giving 100% style of play.
Think of the lineup:
1. J. Carroll, 3rd base
2. G. Sizemore, CF
3. V. Martinez, 1st base
4. J. Peralta, SS
5. T. Hafner, DH
6. F. Gutierrez/S. Choo, RF
7. B. Francisco, LF
8. K. Shoppach, C
9. A. Cabrera, 2nd base

Wedge has tried about 152 different lineups this season, why not give mine a try and go for 153?!

Did you happen to see the Tribe’s 2009 schedule?

Wow! The season starts in Texas on April 6th, We open the new Yankee Stadium on April 16th, we play in Pittsburgh in June, and the majority of our home games are in August and September as we end the season in Boston during the first week of October.
It is a very competitive but fair schedule…We need a competitive team to bring it all together!

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