Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day, Hooray!

It's finally here, the Home Opener in Cleveland, Ohio!

And we are in first place this morning!

The festivities of the day are always so entertaining and moving at the same time.

I am so looking forward to the tribute to Bob Feller. Remember that the only opening day no hitter was pitched by Rapid Robert in Cleveland in 1940!

Fausto, this is a huge game for you in so many ways! Bigger than the Bug Game in 2007 when you were so dominant against those Skankees!

After the tribute to Bob Feller and the Silent First Pitch by his widow, you take the mound with a lot heaped on your shoulders. A city looks to you to lead us through this very important first game and set the tone for the season. After all, that is what the opener is all about!

It's time for a prediction, at least one for today...

Fausto comes out pumped and focused like he can, like he was in the Bug Game.

This fine fielding team that the Indians have assembled plays error free ball.

Despite the cold weather, we out hit the White Sox.

Final score, Cleveland 5, Chicago 3

A great start, setting the tone for what could be a very interesting and surprising season of Cleveland Indians Baseball!

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