Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Come On Pluto, Throw Us A Bone!

Things are tough when perennially positive Cleveland Plain Dealer sports writer Terry Pluto warns that the Indians will not continue in their winning ways. Terry wants you and I to enjoy the ride while it lasts. Thanks Terry because that is just NOT what we need or want to hear right now. We have team owners with short arms and long pockets that will trade a free agent if there is even a hint of a collapse. Terry, did you forget 2005 and 2007? Those teams did the unexpected against huge odds against them. The 2005 Tribe made an August & September run and just missed the playoffs. The 2007 Tribe provided us with one of the most exciting and entertaining seasons we have ever had. The odds were stacked against that team from the snowed out opening weekend through the 7 game series vs. the Red Sox. I see many similarities in this 2011 team with the 2007 team.

  • Solid offense

  • Solid defense

  • Solid relief

  • Starting pitching that will require at least 2 of these guys to have career years
Yes, it is way too early to start printing playoff tickets but it is not too early by any stretch of the imagination to put some distance between the Tribe and the rest of the ALC teams. Tonight we go for 9 wins in a row. Fausto goes for his first win with one very good and one very bad outing season to date. He must be one of the guys that has to have a career year (like he did in 2007) for this run to be real. We can all sit back and wait for the collapse to come and say like Terry, "See, I told you so!" Better yet, I will stand and cheer at Progressive Field and when the "unexpected" successful 2011 season is over, I will say, "See, I told you so!"

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