Sunday, April 17, 2011

Get On Board!

Terry Pluto of the Plain Dealer is bracing for the collapse.

Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal is enjoying the ride with guarded optimism.

How about you?

Have you looked into the dugout to see what is going on?

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This isn't Murderers' Row and we don't (yet) have the Fearsome Four but we are winning.

So if we were losing as expected, these sportswriters would be telling us about how hard it is to compete in a small market with little payroll and a lack of fan support.

Instead, we are leading the ALCD with a 10-4 record (as today's game is in progress with the good guys ahead 4-2) and we are being cautioned to look at reality.


How will we ever get a winner in Cleveland if we don't believe?

As Orlando Cabrerra said when asked if this team was a contender, "Not yet, we need about another month and a half into the season but I think we have what it takes."

If anyone has told this team they are not supposed to win, they aren't buying it.

Look in the dugout, watch them grow together on the field, and strap in! We are in for a fun summer ride!

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