Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Game That Wasn't May Haunt Us!

Carlos...I love ya, man but ya just can't stand there!
The Indians battled back in the top of the ninth inning only to leave the bases loaded down one run.
Carlos Santana, with "Hero" written all over him, stood and looked at three straight pitches for strikes.
Did somebody super glue the barrel to his shoulder?
So I understand a young team will make mistakes but is there really ever any excuse for not swinging the all?
I do believe that this team will grow and mature this year and win a fair share of games.
They may even make a run for the playoffs just like '05 and '07 when they were picked then to finish in the cellar of the ALCD. (I KNOW they will make a run for it!)
But it is games like last night in Kansas City that will come back and haunt us.
Oh Hell, it will come back and bite us in the behind!
Think back to 2005 when the Indians came up about a game short of making the playoffs.
There were many games that if they went to other way, we would have been in and Boston would have been out.
Think back to the final home stand in Cleveland when Ozzie Guillen swept us.
Remember Ozzie giving the Indians' fans the choke sign?
Or the weekend before when we lost to Lou Pinella and his Devil Rays.
It is one thing to get beat but you just can't stand there with 2 out and the bases loaded and your team is down by 1 run in the ninth. That is movie material!
Just as Manny Acta has his pitchers firing first ball strikes (and that has been the key to their success season to date), he must get these guys to know when they have to swing.
When in doubt, clout it out!
Come on Carlos, a city is waiting to anoint you "Savior!"

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