Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wow!...Now How?

As the Cleveland Indians are off to their best start in franchise history, you first have to say "WOW!" and then ask, "How will they continue this great season?" The answer appears to be falling on the shoulders of pitcher Fausto Carmona. Fausto's last start was solid but his season has been anything but solid.

Last year he spent time in the minors trying to work things out. This is the same guy that was runner up to team mate CC Sabathia in 2007 for the Cy Young award. This is the same guy that had such laser focus during the bug game that he tamed those dreaded Yankees as they whined and complained about the midgies during the infamous 2007 playoff Bug Game.

So today, Fausto gets the call against a 1st place, good hitting, good running team in Southern California.

We need that same "Focused Fausto" to toe the rubber and take charge of this wonderful and delirious Indians' season!

Come on Fausto, but you can't do it alone...

You will need run support, at least 3 runs to take the series today in Anaheim.

Forget Jobu! We need hitting with less than 2 outs today.

This has been a wonderful and exciting season that I, for one want desperately to continue!

How bad do you guys want it?

It appears just as bad!

Come on Fausto, be it...bring it!

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