Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who Are You, Who-Who, Who-Who?!

There was a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning regarding the Cleveland Indians request of DNA testing of minor league draft picks.

Apparently the team has been duped in the past. It was reported that the Tribe paid a 17-year-old shortstop Jose Ozoria $750,000 as an international free agent last year only to discover Ozoria wasn't Ozoria. Instead of a 17-year-old shortstop, Ozoria turned out to be 20-year-old shortstop Wally Branyan. Ozoria/Branyan and his agents duped the Indians into a big payday with forged documents.

Makes you think who else may not be who they appear to be...Hmm!

Yeah, there is a guy posing to be a MLB owner and he is living right here in Cleveland. Best get this guy to the Cleveland Clinic for a quick swab to find out who really is sucking the life out of this team!

Then there is GM Mark Shapiro. Beware...! To hold down his position for as long as he has with his record he must be calling on some extra-terrestrial powers.

What about CC Sabathia? If I were Joe Girardi, I would find out real quick before the playoffs who will be starting the post season in CC's body.

Hey, aliens (Shapiro & Dolan) took CC away from us...he must have gone over to their side!
Remember some trades we had before DNA testing was available? Ken "Hawk" Harrelson comes to mind. How about Brandon Phillips? Who was really here in his place until he got traded to Cincinnati?

The one guy I wouldn't waste the cost of a DNA exam on is Tribe Skipper Eric Wedge. He's the real deal. Call him what you would, question his every move, non-move, incessant lineup changes, etc., he's Eric Wedge. The one thing you can call him though is GONE! He will absolutely be looking for work come October 4th, 2009. Eric Wedge will take the fall for the poor performance of this team. Do I disagree? No, but he is not alone in the undoing of the Cleveland Indians. The entire management staff has chugged Larry Dolan's Kool-Aid. What else can they do, stock groceries at Giant Eagle?

Wanna fix the team? Start at the top! Sell the team to someone or a group that can manage a competitive business instead of making up excuses and blaming the "market" for our inability to secure talent and win games. Dick Jacobs did it right here in Cleveland.


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