Saturday, September 5, 2009

She Sings!

Yeah, it's over and it's been over...ya just hate to admit it. Even Yogi would say, "It's over BEFORE it's over!"

This train wreck of a season started in Spring Training when we heard excuses like, "The thin air of Arizona is having it's effect on our hitters and pitchers." Thanks Eric, how come it didn't effect other teams?

When the season went into the tank early on, it was only a matter of time when the bargain basement discounting of future free agents would take place.

Just want to thank Cliff Lee for his recent comments last week pertaining to the poor attendance at Progressive Field. Cliff blamed the Cleveland fans for non-support of the team. He told Dennis Manoloff of the Plain Dealer words to the effect of, if the fans had come out to support this team, the owners may not have had to unload the free agents a year early.
Nice, Cliff!
Once again, he showed his wisdom and tact. The problem with the Indians has never been the fans. This has got to be one of the most loyal fan bases in all of major league sports. Our 455 consecutive sellout record stood until last season when the Red Sox finally beat the mark. Hmm, same Red Sox that blasted Cliffy in 2007, prompting him to tip his cap to the Cleveland fans as they let him know how they felt about his pitching that season. That was his next home game since beaning Sammy Sosa in Texas on Sammy Sosa Night. You still have so much class, don't you Cliff?!

Questions still to have answered;
1. Why can't everyone play like Grady Sizemore?
Grady is done for the season and will have 2 operations, one on his elbow and one on his abdomen, both injuries that have been nagging Grady all season long. (The abdominal injury was just reported recently.) When asked why the surgeries didn't take place early on, Grady replied that he wanted to play! Funny thing, so did manager Eric Wedge and head trainer Lonny Soloff!
2. When will Hafner be Full-ner?
What is wrong with our gentle giant? Just when it seems he is over his right shoulder ailment, his left shoulder acts up! Conditioning/Rest...Conditioning/Rest...Conditioning/Rest!
3. When will we get the ownership for the Cleveland Indians to take us to the World Series?
There is no doubt that the Cleveland Cavaliers have the very best chance to bring Cleveland it's first major league championship since 1964. Why?...Ownership! The Indians went to the World Series twice with Dick Jacobs. The Dolans were more lucky than smart in 2007 as we missed the World Series by one game. Please talk to Peter Lewis and his Progressive empire to buy this team!

As the sun sets on another season of Indians' baseball, we are thrust back to our resolve of the '60s, '70s, and '80s...Bad baseball is better than no baseball.
Mr. Dolan, if you love the Cleveland Indians as much as you say you do, then...

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