Monday, September 21, 2009

If Wedge Walks, Who Managers?

Interesting that the Dolans and GM Mark Shapiro are going to wait until the end of the season to determine the fate of manager Eric Wedge. I cannot imagine that a high level meeting takes place and the decision is really shelved. No, the fact is that the decision has been made for the future of the coaching staff but the wild card in the whole mix could be manager Eric Wedge. How so? Well, everyone knows changes will be made but not to what extent those changes will encompass.

Remember Joe Torre in 2007? His high-priced Yankees got beat by the Indians in the ALDS 3 games to 1. Joe Torre was the fall guy. The brain trust that is the modern Yankees didn't fire Joe, they just made demands so that he wouldn't stay. You gotta think something like that may take place in Cleveland in a couple of weeks. One thing Eric Wedge is, is loyal. He will probably be told that his coaching staff is gone and he may stay on if he agrees. You can bet that will be the last straw with Wedge.

So Wedge up and leaves, then what? Who manages the team?

The betting money in Cleveland says it is a pitching coach for the Red Sox named John Farrell. But would he do it? Let's look at why he shouldn't;

  • He's doing a good job in Boston, why leave?
  • Why would someone want to manage a team where the owner has no money to spend and suggests that the team cannot be competitive in this small market?
  • He can hold out for a better offer as there are sure to be openings at season's end?
Now let's look at why he might do it;
  • He played and coached for the Indians
  • He knows the organization top to bottom
  • He still resides in a suburb of Cleveland
  • He can take the job to break into managing in the Majors
  • The team can only improve

So, I think he does it. Perhaps this is a long range plan coming to fruition.

If not Farrell, it could be a long Winter looking for the right man for the job. But what exactly is the job? Why do sows ears and silk purses come to mind?

Perhaps there is a tire salesman still untapped...

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