Monday, September 14, 2009

What A Season!

It's Gonna Be A Shootout!

Look at the division and wild card races this year! The last few games of the season are going to be crazy but fantastic!

Boston is making a late charge on the Yankees. Currently they are 7 games out with 20 games remaining. Who plays who when?
The Red Sox play the Yankees on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of September…in NY! Don’t forget…the Red Sox finish the season in Boston with my spoilers, the Indians!
The Twins are still just 5.5 games back of the Tigers. However, they are currently losing 3-0 to my Tribe tonight!
The Tigers have 6 games left with the Twins and 6 games left with the White Sox…look for the Tigers to lose their lead in late September! Who will take the American League Central? Can the Tigers hold on?
The Angels remain 6 games ahead of the Rangers who are getting hammered tonight by the A’s, 7-0. But after losing to the Yankees tonight, the Angels will face the Rangers 7 more times, the Yankees 3 more times and the Red Sox 3 more times as well. Anything can and probably will happen in the A.L. Wild West!
Texas is still in the Wild Card hunt with Boston but their best chance for the playoffs will be head to head with the Angels for that division.

Philly is holding off Florida but at a 6.5 game difference, they cannot afford to get sloppy or get cold. They play each other 6 more time…Hmmm!
St. Louis cooled down just enough to let the Cubs back into the race or so it seems. But at 9.5 games ahead, the Cards should be a lock.
The hottest race in baseball is going on between the rock-solid Dodgers and the ever streaky Rockies! With a 3 game Dodger lead right now, guess who plays each other the last 3 games of the season?!
Florida’s best shot is going after Philly for the division because if Colorado doesn’t overtake the Dodgers, they are sure to take the Wild Card.
All in all, the last 3 weeks of the season are looking very exciting!

Here is how I see it:
American League
Yanks vs. Tigers (as the Cats hold off W.Sox & Twins)
Red Sox vs. Angels (Texas comes up short)
Red Sox and Yankees advance for a breath-taking ALCS
Yanks move on to the World Series after crushing the Bosox!

National League
Dodgers vs. Cards
Phillies vs. Rockies
Dodgers and Rockies advance and the ex-Indian-laden Dodgers take the NLCS in 7 games!

World Series
Revenge is sweet for Joe Torre as he beats his former boss in 7 dramatic and exhausting games!

What a game this is!

Go Joe!

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