Sunday, September 13, 2009


Is there no relief in sight from the constant bungling of the Dolan family's ownership of the Cleveland Indians?!!!

The following statement was taken from a story that appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal Sports section on Saturday, September 12th;

[Club officials have said that it's unlikely that the team will contend for a postseason berth next year. If that is the case, Carroll, who will be 36 in February, might not fit the Indians' plans.]

Just what are those plans beside not winning and unloading talented players?

Jamey Carroll is batting .291 as a part-time player for the Cleveland Indians. It is well documented that most players struggle to perform consistently when they do not know from day to day if they will be in the next game. Playing in 77 games this year, based on the current 25 man roster and including Grady Sizemore, Carroll is 4th in batting average behind Brantley, Cabrera, and Choo, 5th in runs scored, 6th in hits, 8th in doubles, 4th in triples, 8th in RBIs, 8th in total bases, 7th in walks, 6th in stolen bases, 3rd in On Base %, and 11th in Slugging %. Not only is he a consistent performer, he is a positive clubhouse influence and he is a much needed spark plug that drives energy on the field, both offensively and defensively.

So why would we want to keep a guy like that around?

Read the story referred to above and ask the Dolans that question. If his current $2.5M salary is the reason, this team is in far more trouble that we can even imagine.


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