Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Gotta Be ######## Me!

Say it ain't so!

Stock market bringing our country to it's knees, McCain vs. Obama, the Bail-Out, and now, the Red Sox are on the doorstep of their second consecutive World Series appearance. The American Dream is being threatened again. How much more can we take? I don't mean all those political or financial issues, I'm talking about the good guys winning, the underdog pulling a passionate upset to give hope and fuel the dreams of all of those down on their luck.

The Rays have made an emotional trip from lovable losers, to attention-catching underdogs, to the best team in baseball, and now, they have regressed back past underdogs to whimpering puppies. Their only chance tonight is to get a huge case of rabies and start frothing at the mouth at game time.
If they need a true lesson in winning attitude, they only have to look across to the other dugout. Down 7 runs to none with 7 outs to go, the Red Sox score 8 unanswered runs to avoid elimination and carry it out as if it was their plan all along. Instead, the Rays get down by 2 runs in the 1st and 6th game each and look at each other as if the odds are completely insurmountable. OK, have it your way. Wanna borrow 3rd base coach Joel Skinner tonight to put up a stop sign with the tying run 90 feet away? Then you will really look like the 2007 Indians as you accurately demonstrate the proper international choke sign.

It wouldn't be nearly as bad if it was another team that didn't buy a championship in the opposite dugout.

The Rays had a fabulous season. Thanks for the ups and downs, mainly ups until lately.
But, you're done. Unless the Rays get over their pity party early today and decide they want this more than the Red Sox do, look for Boston to put a huge hurtin' on the Rays tonight and advance to the World Series.
Too bad we have to suffer through the same old same old when it was more than within reach.

During their post-game interview early this morning, Pedroia and Youkilis discuss how they will take apart the Rays one more time tonight.

Wrong finger, Johnathan! We think you are #1 too.

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