Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2008 Post Season…Whaddaythink?

Let’s go!
It’s the post season and it all starts this afternoon.

Chisox vs. Rays
In head-to-head meetings, the Rays won 6 of 10.
The Rays have home-field advantage.
Pick…Rays in 4!

Bosox vs. Angels
In head-to-head meetings, the Angels won 8 of 9.
The Angels have home-field advantage.
Pick…Angels in 3!

Dodgers vs. Cubs
In head-to-head meetings, the Cubs won 5 of 7.
The Cubs have home-field advantage.
Pick…Cubs in 5!

Brewers vs. Phillies
In head-to-head meetings, the Phillies won 5 of 6.
The Phillies have home-field advantage.
Pick…Phillies in 5!

That’s how I see it…Whaddabout you?


Deaner said...

Sounds pretty good but I can't figure out who to root for in the Cubs/Dodgers series - I don't like the Cubs and I can't stand Manny Ramirez.

I'm rooting for the Rays all the way.

Big Daddy said...

I too, like the Rays all the way. As far as the dodgers/Cubs...I am mixed. I like Lou Pinella and I wish he was managing in Cleveland but when Casey Blake left Cleveland, I felt that a huge team player would be sorely missed. I am rooting for Casey. Also for Joe Torre. I felt like Cleveland finished him with the Yankees last season but we did him a huge favor. I love his State Farm commercial! Go Rays! Go Dodgers!