Saturday, October 4, 2008

Will Somebody Pullll-eeeeeeze Beat the Red Sox?!

The team with the best record in the regular season is down to the Red Sox. They almost pulled out the game last night, coming from behind, only to fall to the long ball in the top of the 9th. Now they go to Boston where it is almost over. Yet, there is still hope that the well-balanced Angels can win 3 in a row…I hope.
The fact is, if we truly are the “Red Sox Nation,” I want to secede.
Tomorrow evening, Josh Beckett (12-10, 4.03) faces Joe Sanders (17-7, 3.41).
If the Angels don’t get it done, it will more than likely be up to the Rays.
The Rays are more than handling a different color of Sox.
They have outscored the homer-prone White Sox by double in two games, 12-6.
But the Red Sox are by far a more dangerous team.
During the regular season, here is how these teams compared in power:

Red Sox 173
White Sox 235
Rays 180

Red Sox 33
White Sox 13
Rays 37

Red Sox 353
White Sox 296
Rays 284

Red Sox 1565
White Sox 1458
Rays 1443

Red Sox 807
White Sox 785
Rays 735

Head to Head Play:
over White Sox 6 wins to 4
Rays over Red Sox 10 wins to 8

But we all know that after the playoffs begin, it’s a brand new season.

So, if the Angels can’t get it done, then come on Rays!
If the Rays fall short…well then maybe Manny can stick it to his old team!
What do you think Manny is hoping for? Personally, I could care less about Manny but I would enlist his help.
I would feel better about Casey Blake and Joe Torre winning it all, that is unless the Rays do get there!

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