Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Party On!

Like the outcome or not, this was one helluva 9th inning!

As celebrations go, I've seen better. Why the song, "Dirty Water?"
I may not like the Red Sox, but I gotta admit, they are a very good ball club. However, I think they were better last season.

The Rays' celebration was much more genuine. From worst to first, these guys have a lot to celebrate!

Ex-Indian Terry Francona is starting to resemble Dr. Evil!
Terry is a great manager and his dad, Tito was a very good ball player. He had some fine seasons with the Cleveland Indians.

Joe Maddon has had a magical year...Let's hope it continues for 8 more victories! Joe...what's that in your left hand...a little magical winning potion?

This guy is hard on the eyes and the ears but man, what a ball player!
So, how do you see it?
Better yet, how would you like to see this ALCS come out?
Cinderella is trying to go to the ball but the big, ugly stepsisters in Boston would have it another way.

The Rays have home-field advantage.

Head to head in the regular season;

The Rays have the advantage 10-8.

Boston has scored 71 more runs

Has 122 more hits

69 more doubles

4 less triples

7 less home runs

72 more RBIs

.018% better OBP

.025% better SLG

.020% better Batting Average

.019% worse ERA

Given up 22 more Walks

Struck out 42 more batters

Batting advantage=Red Sox

Pitching advantage=Rays

Take all of the above and throw it out the window, this is the next season, the post season!

Rays in 6 games!

(Cinderella has the killer instinct that the Indians lacked last year!)

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