Sunday, October 19, 2008


No doubt about it...
The Rays have got to get RABID!
What is Joe Maddon telling them...right now?
"In about an hour, the young men on this team will be playing the biggest game of their lives, of their franchise history. No one expected you to get this far. You have accomplished so much and you should all be proud. Is that enough? Are you satisfied? If you are, tell me now and you can watch this one from the clubhouse. I want unstoppable passion in this lineup. I want extreme desire in this lineup. I want my best never quit guys to take the field in sixty minutes. I want the guys who want what I want, the guys who will never quit until they get it, the guys who fought so hard to get this far, the guys who believe that winning the 2008 World Series is their destiny. Those are the guys I want to take a step forward, shake my hand, and line up at the clubhouse door to go out and grab the championship that awaits us out on that field."
To the Tampa Bay Rays:
Control your destiny and take what is rightfully yours!

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