Saturday, July 12, 2008

What’s Got Into These Guys?!

At this writing, the Indians are leading the still first place Rays by a score of 4-0! Since losing 10 games in a row, the Indians are now working on 3 wins in a row and a possible sweep of the Rays!

Don’t you think it’s a strange season when the home run leader of the American League is a leadoff hitter? Go Grady! He hit #23 tonight!

Cleveland Indians hall of famer Bob Feller was a little impatient recently in a convenience store. He was purchasing a couple of newspapers and became irritated with the long line at the checkout. Bob, who will be 90 years old in November, slapped the correct change on the counter and headed for the door. The clerk insisted that he wait so that the items could be scanned. Bob challenged the clerk to “Call the police!” The police were not called because the store received their money for the purchase. If you know Bob, you know he is one tough old timer. I have witnessed and also been the recipient of many kindnesses by Bob. I have also witnessed Bob rip someone a “new one” when they needed it. Here is what you need to know about Bob Feller; Bob is more proud of serving his country in the Navy during World War II than any award or accomplishment in the Major Leagues. He is incredible to talk to and extremely accommodating to fans. (Just mind your P’s and Q’s!)

Whoa! 7-0 Indians!

The commercials on the Indians television network, SportsTime Ohio (STO) are so repetitive and so bad. Besides seeing Alltel’s Chad look like a mental giant next to the other four reps of the cell phone competition over and over again, there are some local commercials that you have to wonder if the companies paying for the spots even get a chance to approve the final commercial. Elk and Elk Attorneys should just use the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy instead of showing the actual business partners that want to defend your personal injury. The one guy’s hair is obviously a real bad comb-over and it’s in his face as he glares at the camera. How about the lady talking about MetroHealth who says that her husband was in a motorcycle accident and he was broken in many pieces? MetroHealth put him back together and she says, “I like him better now!” I noticed that spot got changed to, “Now when I hear him play music again I am happy!”

Why is everyone so worried about Grady Sizemore participating in the All-Star Home Run Derby? Guys in the past blame the competition on wrecking their second half of the season. I don’t buy it for one minute that over swinging or changing your swing for one night is going to change your approach for the rest of the season. If that’s the case, don’t play ball with your kid in the backyard! Baseball players are getting too specialized. We already put dresses on American League pitchers with the DH rule. If it were true that the Home Run Derby screws up anyone’s swing then why do we have it? It’s a “snore” anyway! Grady is smart enough not to permanently alter his swing but let’s hope he doesn’t have a problem in the second half because of the derby. If he does, he will get sent down to the minors to work out his problem because the coaching staff taking up space on the Indians bench sure won’t be able to help him!

Uh Oh, 7-4 Indians!

Listening to Rick Manning on the Indians TV broadcasts, you can’t help but think that he is dying to manage in the big leagues. He is constantly “managing” from the booth and he make a lot of sense. He often speaks of bringing the infield in to cut down on base hits because this outfield has the speed to go back on a well hit ball. Tonight he commented on Ben Francisco over-sliding second base on what would have been a close double. He said that Francisco starts his slide too late. Replays supported Manning’s view point. Recalling a game about one month ago, Francisco had a similar slide with the same comment from Manning. It wouldn’t be the first, or the second time a broadcaster came out of the booth to manage a team. Let’s do it! I’m all for a reaction from the coaching staff. Any signs of life from that corps would be refreshing!

Cool! Tribe wins it 8-4!

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