Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Run Derby?

Congratulations to Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins on winning the Home Run Derby. Although he out homered Josh Hamilton in the 3rd round 5-3, Morneau was gracious in his acceptance of the trophy to acknowledge the unbelievable feat of Hamilton in the first round, swatting 28 home runs, at one point 13 in a row, and breaking the old first round record of 24 set by Bobby Abreu in 2005 at Detroit's Comerica Park.
With the score reset to 0-0 to begin round 3, Hamilton's feat did not take the trophy. As stated by a very affable Milton Bradley, Hamilton's Ranger team mate, "Morneau took home the trophy, Hamilton took home the hearts."
What was the ad for MLB Network? I saw it early on last night and it is beginning 1-1-09. It promises baseball, 24/7!
It appears the "Derby" could use some "re-tooling" for future competitions in more ways than one. ESPN's Rick Reilly made the comment that there were eight white guys competing in the event. He questioned where were the African Americans and Latinos! Just a point of clarification Rick, with Grady Sizemore in the competition, there were seven and a half white guys competing.

What was up with Milton Bradley? He was actually fun to watch last night! He was wiping guys off, giving back rubs, even running bottled water out to Clay Counsil, the 71 year old pitcher for Hamilton.
In an afternoon interview, Bradley stated that he did not know what went wrong between he and Tribe manager Eric Wedge in the Spring of 2004. He claimed that he and Wedge had a great relationship in the minors but when Wedge became a major league manager, he tried to take a stand and make an example out of him. You have to agree with Bradley in that regard as Wedge is one of the most stubborn managers ever to occupy the head spot in the wigwam. However, Bradley is Bradley and he has been more than a handful wherever he plays. He seems to have found a home in Texas with a manager, Ron Washington, who Bradley claims understands him. Good, because Bradley is one of the top players in the majors. Here is hoping last night's Bradley will show up for the rest of his career. He is too talented to hold himself back...go Milton!

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Deaner said...

I was excited to see about the MLB network too. I've already got baseball 24/7 on XM and soon I will have it on TV too!