Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Breaks in This All-Star Game!

15 innings late into the night, finally a victor emerges! But you will get no beef from me, I loved every inning! From the pre-game with the hall-of-famers, through the introductions, right down to the bottom of the 15th, this was a game!

With the score tied 3-3, bases loaded, and one out in the last of the 15th inning, Michael Young connected on a sacrifice fly that scored Justin Morneau, just beating the tag at the plate! Final score; AL 4, NL 3.
What a couple of days Morneau has had in New York! First he wins the Home Run Derby, then he scores the winning run in the All-Star Game.

However, I must mention (with a hometown slant) that my representatives from the Cleveland Indians certainly had a hand in the outcome. Congratulations to starting pitcher Cliff Lee who pitched 2 shut-out innings, striking out 3. He continues to be dominant!

Congratulations to Grady Sizemore. Representing the tying run, his single in the 8th inning and steal of second base kept the hopes alive for the American League. Without that steal, he doesn't score on Evan Longoria's ground-rule double and tie the game.

The pre-game was very well done. The Hall-Of-Famers brought back many memories. Thanks to Willie McCovey as he stood from his wheelchair to acknowledge the cheers. Thanks for showing Willie Mays "Catch" again from the 1st game of the '54 is still incredible (and heartbreaking to Indians fans) by even today's standards.

How about Yogi?!!
"So Yogi, what do you think of Sarah Jessica Parker?"
"She ain't bad."

Josh Groban's "God Bless America" was so respectful and inspiring...what a talent!

Kudos to Terry Francona (who's dad was an Indian great) for the way he respectfully moved Yankee players in and out of the game to the roars of the crowd!

Love or hate the Yankees, "The House That Ruth Built" is an incredible monument to the game and the history of this great nation.

Seeing many past Indians on the field, Hall-Of-Famers as well as current players, brings back so many memories.

There he was, Ralph Kiner! Finishing his career with the Cleveland Indians in 1955, he lived around the corner from me. Every morning the Indians were in town, I would park my bike and myself on his driveway. His wife would look out the kitchen window and say, "Ralph played a late game last night, he won't be up for a while." I would reply, "That's OK, I'll wait."

Kiner gave me an autographed ball and bat, both of which I still possess. The ball is full of other HOF signatures surrounding his. the bat, it has a nail in it and tape around it because I cracked it hitting a home run in little league.

"God, I love baseball!" Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs in "The Natural."

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