Monday, April 9, 2007

Opening Day, 2008

MLB has just announced that it will, in fact, allow the Cleveland Indians to open their season at home in 2008. They have invited via scheduling the Seattle Mariners to again participate and have made the following weather related rule adjustment;
The host Cleveland Indians will be supplied with "orange" baseballs for the opening series. In so doing, this will eliminate any confusion on the part of the Mariners as to which large snowflake to swing at. However, if at any time a Seattle player feels that he cannot see the ball, he is to immediately tell the umpire that he is color-blind.
Asked what he thought of the "rule change," current manager Mike Hargrove barked back, "I won't have to worry about that 'cause I ain't gonna make it past the All-Star break this year!"

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Holly Braford said...

I can't believe Grover was even awake for that game