Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Frigid Weather Leaves Slider Out In the Cold!

As the Cleveland Indians were forced to take their home stand on the road to Milwaukee this week, it became apparent that their weather problems followed them to Wisconsin. While the Indians were battling the Los Angeles Angels in Miller Park, a foot of snow fell on host city Milwaukee. Because of their winter weather woes, the Indians have decided to switch, rather than fight…or complain. Earlier today, the Cleveland Indians announced that long-time, furry, family-friendly mascot Slider has been given his unconditional release by the team. The Tribe made an offer to Bumble, the abominable snowman who gained his fame performing in the North Pole region since 1964. Yeti, as he has also been know, immediately agreed to terms with the Indians noting that the frequent lake-effect snows that plague the Cleveland area made his decision a no-brainer. “Snow good, me like icy lake, too!” said the bumble. Caught by complete surprise by this move, Slider was visibly shaken. “I don’t know what my next move will be.” Said Slider. “I’m sure I’ll catch on somewhere, there’s always a need for a…hey, are you gonna eat that hot dog?” he added.

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