Tuesday, April 17, 2007

47 Years Ago Today, “Trader Lane” Broke Our Hearts!

On April 17th, 1960, Frank “Trader” Lane, then general Manager of the Cleveland Indians, traded the ever popular Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers for Harvey Kuenn. This was a swap of the 1959 American League home run champ for the 1959 American League batting champ from the previous season. Rocky was a class act on and off of the field, always signing autographs and taking time with his adoring fans. The trade has evoked stories of curses over the next 35 years that were said to be responsible for keeping the Indians out of any playoffs until the 1995 season.
Damn! I’m still pissed about that trade!


andrew said...

Um , go ahead and walk A-Rod, with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two out and down one in the ninth inning. He's got 9 freakin' homers in 13 freakin' games. What in the name of Bruce Drennan is Eric Wedge thinking?

Opps, now it's 10 freakin' homers in 14 freakin' games.

Here's a question: Will Wedgy make it to the All Star break?

Big Daddy said...

Now it's 12 in 15 games! The difference is, Boston still wins when he hits homers (2 in a game) vs. them!