Sunday, April 15, 2007

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and F-Bombs?

Rick Manning, always the gentleman on and off the air, had an unfortunate “moment” during the Indians telecast on Saturday, April 14th. Apparently Rick was unaware that he was on the air when he dropped an “F-Bomb!" When the top brass at SportsTime Ohio reviewed the telecast, they heard the untimely remark and deleted it from the evening replay.
The following statement regarding the remark was released;
“Rick obviously was unaware that his freakin’ microphone was on during this untimely freakin’ remark. Because of this, there will be no freakin’ disciplinary action taken. We will speak with Rick and ask him just what the freak happened and ensure that this will never freakin’ happen again. Of all freakin’ weeks to have this happen, what with Imus and all…Jeeeeesusssss!

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