Thursday, March 6, 2008

Remember The Alamo!

On this memorable day, the 172nd anniversary of the fall of the Alamo to the Mexican army after a 13-day courageous defense, it is time to focus on defending the American League Central Division Championship.

As we prepare for the title defense, let it be known that Mark (Gen. Sam Houston) Shapiro will be sending no additional troops to the cause. Eric (Col. William Travis) Wedge has resigned to defend the crown with the troops he has and give it a valiant effort with no intention of surrender. Jim (Santa Anna) Leyland has vowed to take no prisoners or give no quarter so the task will be paramount. The enemy will be coming at them from all sides, all with one common theme; to take the title back.

Nevertheless, Wedge has drawn his line in the sand and is steadfast in his mission, and all of his charges have crossed that line and committed to the goal.
A rallying cry has emerged and you can hear it across this land, “Remember game 7 of the ALCS!”
So, as the defense is about to begin in 25 days and the troops are about to take up their command, there is but yet one task remaining…
Do ya think ya could win a spring training game or two?!

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