Friday, March 21, 2008

The Best Day of the Year!

Opening Day is almost here and it has to be the very best day of the year!
Everyone is in first place and baseball is back on!
Even though Opening Day is skewed a bit now, what with teams opening in Japan and such, still, everyone is in first place, if only for the first game. Back in the day, tradition was that the Reds had the honor of starting the first game of the year, even if it was only by 30 minutes or so.
Besides every team in first place, winning streaks from Opening Day are intriguing. Think back to some of the teams that got off to great starts and were almost impossible to catch, and those that did get caught.
In 1984, the Tigers won their first 9 games and they won 35 of their first 40 games. They finished the season at 104 and 58 and won the World Series!
Twice the Yankees won 33 of their first 40 games (1928 and 1933) and won the World Series both years!
The 1966 Indians won their first 10 games and 27 out of their first 40 games. Unfortunately, they finished the season at 81 and 81 in 5th place, 17 games behind first place.
First things first however, the weather must cooperate! The picture above is of Progressive Field yesterday!
Once the snow goes away, here is hoping the Indians can run off with a long undefeated streak and never look back! It could happen…we could be 12-0 before Boston comes to town on April 14th!
However you celebrate the start of the season, enjoy it! There is no greater time than the start of the baseball season and there is no better day than Opening Day!

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