Sunday, March 23, 2008

American (Vendor) Idol At Progressive Field?

As if we were not unique enough, the Cleveland Indians took another step yesterday in proving just how creatively different they can be.
Yesterday, the Indians teamed up with their Sportservice company to hold “auditions” for food and beverage vendors to serve fans at Progressive Field. The story was reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning as well as on local television news shows last evening and today.
Doesn’t sound so unusual?
Well, the people that went for the jobs gave more than they bargained for.
The “auditions” were held in a fun manner to let the potential “hawkers” show their talents. Appearing at the “Vendor Idol” were a gospel singer and a George Bush impersonator, as well as many more talents.
We already have some very unique and talented vendors covering the aisles at the ballpark, as reported in this blog as recently as November 24, 2007,
We have the raspy voiced peanut guy who tosses bags to customers while commending them on a “Nice Catch!” There is the guy who can be heard in the park, on TV, and on the radio selling beer in a booming voice to something that sounds like “Hypa-hypa-hep-ho!”
There is the guy who suddenly appears and proclaims himself as “Your beer man!”
There is another guy who looks just like Julio Franco and asks his sections, “Who wants to buy a beer from Julio Franco?”
The Indians vendors probably began their entertaining manner way back when there wasn’t much entertainment on the field. But these people have evolved their style to be highly entertaining while not being a distraction to the action on the field. I am always amazed at how polite they are and careful not to block someone’s view or distract from the real excitement.
We haven’t won a World Series since 1948. It will be 60 years ago this season but don’t you just love our style?
However, 60 years is a long time. We have had some fun along the way but a World Series win would be so satisfying. Last year, we came within one game of going to the Series and there cannot be any doubt that the Indians would have won that Series. Can it happen this year?
Sure it can. It will take this team coming out of the gate strong, playing as a well-oiled machine. Hopefully Ben Francisco will get to play left field by March 31st or very soon after.

And shame on Bud Selig! What is taking so long to get back to the Indians and Paul Byrd? Hopefully that distraction will be behind us and we can get down to the business of getting to the World Series and having lots of fun along the way!

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