Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tribe Season '08

Sung to the tune of "Love Potion Number Nine"

I made a call to Mr. Know-it-all
You know that sports host with a lot of gall
He's got a sports show that really tells it straight
Sellin' lots of talk ‘bout, the Tribe in 2008

I told him that we were a flop of late
We’ve been this way since 1948
He listened to my rant as he cleaned his dinner plate
He said "What you need is, to back the Tribe in ‘08"
He barked out and growled a lot and gave me a dare
He said "I'm gonna make a bet right here in the air"
“If Cleveland doesn’t win the pennant by the end of ‘08
I’ll hold my breath, I’ll close my eyes, I’ll lose some weight!”
I didn't know if he was wrong or right
I started bettin’ every game in sight
But when I saw Shapiro hadn’t made one trade to date
It broke my little bubble ‘bout, Tribe 2008

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